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Browser Extension

Linkwarden offers a Browser Extension as well, which is also opensource! You can save your favorite webpages to Linkwarden without leaving your current tab.

Linkwarden browser extension


Chrome, Brave, Edge

For Chrome, Brave, Edge and other Chromium based browsers you can get the extension from the Chrome Web Store:

Linkwarden Chrome extension


For Mozilla Firefox, you can get the extension from Mozilla Addon Store:

Linkwarden Firefox extension

One Time Setup

The first time you want to use the extension, you'll need to fill in three fields:

  • Cloud instance address: This is where your Linkwarden instance is located. If you're using our official cloud instance, set this as:
  • Username or Email: Your username or email you used to create a Linkwarden account.

  • Password: The password you've set when you created a Linkwarden account.

Linkwarden extension config