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Collections are basically folders, which then can be shared with your team and/or with the public.

All Collections

View all Collections

You can view all your Collections by clicking on the "Collections" tab on the top-left of the screen. You can also get a overview on the Collections you have access to from the sidebar.

View individual Collections

Clicking on the Collection card directs you to the Collection, below we have all our Links under the "Health And Wellness" Collection:

All Collections

Creating Collections

You can add a new Collection by clicking the "New Collection" card in the Collections page.

Add Collection Modal

From there, you can set a Name, Color, and Description for the new Collection right out of the box.

Sharing a Collection

Click on the top-right of each Collection card to open a dropdown menu for each Collection, from there, click on "Share/Collaborate" to open the Share & Collaboration modal for that specific Collection:

Share & Collaborate collection tab

Make a Collection Public

You can share a specific Collection with the world under a specific address by clicking the "Make this a public collection" right under the "Make Public" section.

Adding a Member

Right under the "Member Management" section, there's a textbox. Fill in the textbox with the username of the user you want to add to your collections.

Managing the Permissions

There is 3 types of permissions each member can have:

  • Create: Can create Links under a specific Collection.

  • Update: Can update Links that are already created by either the owner OR the members who have the permission to "Create" Links.

  • Delete: Can delete Links that are already created by either the owner OR the members who have the permission to "Create" Links.


Make sure you trust who you add to a Collection even if you didn't assign any permissions to them. Members under a Collection always have "Read" permission, so they can see the Links (and Link contents) under the Collection they are joined.

Lets go for an example, in the following Collection, the user "Aiden" has a Delete-Only permission. On the other hand the user "Sarah" has a Create, Update, and Delete permissions. And lastly, "Ben" is the Collection owner.

Collection members

Removing a Member

Simply clicking the "x" on the top-right of each member (and clicking "Save") will remove the member from the current Collection.

Deleting a Collection

To delete a Collection, click the "Delete Collection" button in the menu for each Collection, since this may be triggered accidentally and there's no going back, you are required to enter the Collection name to confirm your request.

Delete collection tab