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GET/api/v1/archives/:id?FORMATGet the archived file for a specific link
GET | PUT | Delete/api/v1/users/:idGet and manage a single user.
POST/api/v1/usersPost a user (Register).
GET/api/v1/tagsGet all tags for a user.
PUT | DELETE/api/v1/tags/:idDelete or edit tags.
GET/api/v1/public/collections/:idGet public collection info.
GET/api/v1/public/collections/links?PARAMSGet all links under a public collection based on query params.
GET/api/v1/public/links/:idGet a single link under a public collection.
GET/api/v1/public/users/:idGet public profile info.
GET | POST/api/v1/migrationImport or export data.
GET | POST/api/v1/links?PARAMSGet all links under a collection based on query params.
GET | PUT | DELETE/api/v1/links/:idGet and manage a single link.
PUT/api/v1/links/:id/archiveTrigger an archive for a specific link.
GET/api/v1/dashboardGet Dashboard data.
GET | POST/api/v1/collectionsGet/post collections for a specific user.
PUT | DELETE/api/v1/collections/:idManage a single collection.
GET/api/v1/avatar/:idGet profile photo.